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Singapore has long been known as the best casino destination. Here they are, glittering on the top of the hill known as the Genting Casino. However, we are also aware of the many obstacles that have been created to make these places exclusive. Whether it is costly or ineligible to enter one of these venues can be frightening or too expensive.

As a result, many online casinos in Singapore have surfaced on the internet. With the advancement in mobile gaming and Internet access, more and more people are able to have a real “casino experience” comfortably in their chosen environment.

However, with this explosion of online gaming, it is difficult to choose which platform to choose. At 918KissPremium, we make it easy for you to choose. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we are recognized as your trusted online casino in Singapore. We believe that everyone should be able to experience the level of casino gaming they choose wherever and whenever they want. With a variety of games, our customers can decide at their discretion what works best for them. All of our game providers are carefully selected and known in the industry as the best platform possible. Available as a native iOS / Android app, our games are guaranteed excellence and reliability while delivering realistic and immersive live gaming experiences including Playtech, Evolution Gaming. , Asia Gaming, Allbet, NetEnt, Xprogaming, Joker123, or 918kiss, all of our operators have a lot of reputations that make us one of the best online casinos in Singapore.

These days it’s not good enough online anymore. The game has to be innovative, delivering a highly realistic experience that can be delivered across devices.

At 918Kisspremium, we believe our mission is to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience. At the end of the day, this is a game and we want our customers to relax, have fun, and, most importantly, have fun! Whether it’s our welcome bonus or our deposit bonus, we are always looking for a way to give our clients the best value while maximizing their gaming time. We are always aware that customers are spending their hard-earned money and will – rightly – want value for their money. As a trusted Singapore online casino, we are always confident that our payment system is fully secure, payouts are consistent and the gaming platform is 100% reliable.

We also understand that gambling has to be responsible. As a responsible organization, we also comply with all local laws. 918Kisspremium will randomly require age verification as we strictly prohibit underage gambling. We do not want to see any customer experience a negative experience and therefore we recommend playing the game responsibly. Our customer service executives are always ready to tackle any issues.

Live Casino Games

How many of us have never dreamed of a casino experience? Anticipation What should I play? Which table looks lucky? Decision-making Fortunately for you, at 918Kisspremium, we bring this experience to your chosen location.

Whether it’s baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and more, we’ll guide you to the table of your choice. No hassle, no questions. Whether it’s an American, European, or a long-established local casino, ours are right here. Our tables conveniently place you front and center with all the information you need. While you are playing our beautiful and friendly dealers from all over the world will take care of all your needs.

Just talk to them and let them know your wishes. As a reliable Singapore online casino, we can give you the comfort to sit back, relax and enjoy your experience.

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Slot Games

Slot Games

Slot machines create a casino As a player, you know this well. No casino is complete without the hustle and bustle that only slot games offer. Of course, there are slots games and there are online casino slots played at 918KissPremium.

We do not offer you ordinary slot games. First, you’ll need to customize your experience with your chosen famous personality, band, or animated character. As the game progresses, you can enjoy your favorite background during those slots spins. And with 5 spins your chances of winning are greatly increased.

We want our customers to spend as much time with us as possible, and our bonuses – when you sign up and even in the game – give you the opportunity to do this. When you have the best online casino in Singapore that offers slot machine casino games, you can be sure to have a special experience.


Love sports betting? We’ve got you covered. Covering the most popular sports around the world, we give you all the information you need. We have designed a very simple and easy-to-use interface, so even a beginner will be able to make professional bets in no time.

For your professionals, we don’t limit anyone’s bets, as with all our games we want our customers to be in the driver’s seat and to maximize their gaming time. Beyond the industry standards in the bonuses that are available, you can be sure that your experience will never be short.



As local residents, we understand the national hobby of 4D. Once again, our team has designed an interface that is both attractive and hugely easy to use. With all the major 4D rides available to both Singapore and Singapore, you won’t have to step further to get your number.


At 918Kisspremium we believe in building personal relationships. Customers who offer us a privilege of service are subject to the priority they deserve. We have designed various promotional offers for both new and later customers. Please visit our promotions section to find out the different ways you can add value to your spending and make the most of your time with us.

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